Year 3/4 Unit


3/4 Unit Team


Leanne Stewart


Sharon Hoctor-Turner


Fiona Holland

We would like to welcome you to a new and

exciting year ahead in the 3/4 unit!


Important Dates to Remember:

13/2 – Meet the Teacher (3:45 – 8:00pm)

22/2 – Meet the Teacher (3:45 – 6:00pm)

12/3 – Labour Day Public Holiday

13/3 – 3-6 School Athletics

16/3 -  3/4 students move to the portables for atrium renovations

16/3-   School photos

26/3 – Whole School Cross Country

29/3 – Last Day of  Term 1 


A dedicated 1 hour reading session each day allows teachers to conference with students and set individual reading goals.

Students are taught how to select Just Right Books for independent reading to cater for students’ individual interests and needs.

The comprehension focus for the term is ‘Questioning’ to help students understand what they are reading?

CAFÉ strategies taught throughout the term will be , ‘Check for Understanding’, ‘Cross Checking’, ‘Tune into Interesting Words’.

The focus for writing will be developing and extending a range of skills including planning, drafting and editing a variety of narrative, persuasive and procedural text types.  

SMART Spelling Program

Students and teachers are starting the new spelling approach using the SMART acronym- S-SAY, M-MEANING, A-ANALYSE, R-REMEMBER, T-TEACH. Please ask the students what this means and read the newsletter to stay up to date with this exciting new approach. 


The main number focus for term 1 is on place value, ordering numbers up to 10,000, as well as applying place value to partitions (pull apart numbers). In measurement there will be a focus on length. Students will compare length informally (using string, fingers etc.) and formally (using rulers, measuring tapes).  In class and at home, students will be asked to collect data to be used at school to create tables, tallies and different types of graphs. There will also be a focus on telling the time to the minute as analogue and digital.



This unit integrates all aspects of student learning for example Literacy, Numeracy, Personal and Social Capabilities, Critical thinking, ICT. This terms topic is learning about the design process with a focus on designing futuristic garden tools. Students will,

• measure plant growth

• collect and represent data in tables

• collect data and represent data in simple graphs 

• create a timeline of seed germination.

• word walls

• procedural texts

• factual texts




So far this term students have been looking closely at the school values triangle and discussing each of the values respect, integrity and responsibility. We have also revisited the 5 You Can Do It Keys.

Morning Circle – (Circle Time)

This is an opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teachers in a positive way – Positive Feelings, students feel connected and enables focus.

Brain breaks - Student activities to ready the brain for learning.

Critical flexible lesson breaks to help students re-engage in learning and reduce off-task behaviour.



Food Allergies/ Anaphylaxis


In the 3 and 4 Unit we have students that have severe allergies to nuts and eggs so we ask parents and students to consider this when preparing lunch boxes for school.


Unit Sport

All middle school students are involved in rotating sports activities every Thursday. Students are required to be prepared with appropriate footwear and a water bottle. In terms 1 & 4 a sun smart hat is required.


Thursday Morning Gardening Program


Students will grow, nurture a range of produce. Students will be required to bring gloves which will be stored in the gardening shed for the duration of the year, and gumboots or old shoes from terms 2 and 3. Please ensure that all student’s belongings are named.




We have been working on understanding the values of RESPECT, INTEGRITY and RESPONSIBILITY