Year 3/4 Unit


3/4 BT- Brian Tannenberg 

3/4 SH- Sharon Hoctor-Turner

3/4 IS- Iain Sparrey



During term 3, students from the 3/4 unit enjoyed their 2 night/3 day stay at Camp Billabong near Educha. During their stay there were engaged in as series of activities such as horse grooming, wall climbing, paddle boats, bungee trampoline, orienteering and a night walk. Below are some pictures of a few of the activities available at the camp.





Paddle boats on the dam

Climbing wall

 Climbing wall

Bungee Trampoline

 Bungee trampoline





During the week starting  the 21st August the students at Romsey Primary school celebrated book week with the theme ESCAPE TO EVERYWHERE . The 3/4 unit studied the book 'The Magic Treehouse, Dinosaurs after Dark'. Students worked hard to complete a range of activities connected to this book such as writing a narrative about escaping to their own imaginary land, creating a brochure highlighting some exciting aspects of their land and making a flight ticket.


 book   Character 

 brochure  land





Students and staff came dressed as their favourite book character for the day. Everyone enjoyed the whole school parade in the gym (especially the huge number of parents and grandparents in attendance) with the highlight being the teachers dancing. Thank you to all who visited the classrooms during the open afternoon. It was great to see the students sharing their work with family members and enjoying the storytelling that was occuring at different sites around the school.



sh class









For the rest of term 3 the students will be investigating the design process. In this topic they will be learning the 4 stages of design:





Students will be designing their escape hatch from their 'Escape to Everywhere' narrative.

Students may start to think about what materials they may need for their design and start saving items such as icy pole sticks, boxes, etc....