Year 3/4 Unit






Morning Circle – (Circle Time)

This is an opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teachers in a positive way– Positive Feelings, students feel connected and enables focus.

Brain breaks - Student activities to ready the brain for learning.

Critical flexible lesson breaks to help students re-engage in learning and reduce off-task behaviour.

Growth Mindset– all classes are introducing the words ‘growth mindset. We are encouraging students to use a growth mindset, whereby challenges, setbacks, mistakes, effort and feedback are considered essential for learning and success. We believe in the power of the word “yet”, so teachers and students use language such as “I can’t do it yet” and “I can become good at this with effort and practise”.








Food Allergies/ Anaphylaxis


In the 3 and 4 Unit we have students that have severe allergies to nuts and eggs so we ask parents and students to consider this when preparing lunch boxes for school.


Unit Sport

All middle school students are involved in rotating sports activities every Thursday. Students are required to be prepared with appropriate footwear and a water bottle. In terms 1 & 4 a sun smart hat is required.