Visual Arts

February 2018


Welcome everyone to Visual Arts for Term 1 2018!



It has been great to meet all of the students this week, some familiar faces and lots of new faces.


For the Prep/1/2 students we will be focusing mostly on colour this term and using paint, drawing materials and a range of collage materials to explore this topic while creating some fabulous art works. Most of our lessons will start with a story to give the students are starting point for creating their work.


For the 3/4/5/6 students we are beginning the term by looking at the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese New Year to begin exploring the art of other cultures. We will then be moving into some artwork based around the areas of technology and design.


It was great to see a few students bringing along their art smocks as we were straight into paint for all of the year levels. If you haven't already please remember to bring your art smock to school.


Stay tuned for our next art room update.


Amy Green

Visual Arts