Visual Arts

April 2018


Welcome to Visual Arts for Term 2 2018!



We had a great start to the year with students demonstrating their interest in art and enjoying time to experiment with a range of materials. We have had about half of the students bring an art smock to school which is great but I would like to see more.  There will not be spare smocks for students to use this term so if you have not provided a smock it would be greatly appreciated if one comes to school this term.



In term 2 the Preps, grade 1/2 and grade 3/4 students will be exploring construction techniques using a range of materials.  This ties in with the inquiry topics that these classes are exploring this term. We will begin by learning and revising the different joining methods we will use and then we will begin creating some masterpieces!




The grade 4/5/6 students will be looking at some of the artists that made up the Pop Art movement of the 1950’s this term while exploring some printing and painting techniques to create their own Pop Art inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

           Marilyn                           Pow!   

HELP!!! Due to our focus on construction this term for a large number of classes, I would greatly appreciate it if families could collect small boxes and any bits and pieces they feel would come in handy for making our creations, for example bottle tops, coloured ribbon, and small containers. Newspapers also always come in handy. Donations can be left at the art room on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you! 

 Box Construction

Fun Art Fact: Andy Warhol had a love for cats. At one point he had 25 cats and all of them except for one were called Sam!!!!


 Andy Warhols Cat