Visual Arts

July 2018


Welcome to Visual Arts for Term 3 2018!



Here we are half way through the year and about to launch into Term 3!  The lower grade levels will begin the term by finishing off their box constructions as rather than rush, we decided to carry our work over into term 3.

The preps will then move on to looking at portraits and self portraits. They will experiment with a range of styles and materials while also exploring the work and styles of other artists.

The grade 1/2 and 3/4 students will begin looking at the work of the Impressionists and have they will have a go at creating some artwork inspired by the work of these artists.

The 4/5/6 classes will continue on with their work on Pop Art for a little longer and we are hoping to produce a highly finished piece of work for the art show that is coming up in Term 4. 


We will also have some other projects and activities happening throughout the term including book week and preparing some chicken art for the Lancefield show.