Year 1/2 Unit

Year 1/2 Team Members 


Iain Sparrey, Marilyn Killender, Casey McGuffie, Linda Andrea

ANZAC DAY - 25th April

Book Fair - 1st May - 7th May

Student led conferences - 28th June 
End of Term 2 - Friday 29th June 


Our focus for reading this term will be to continue building on our CAFE reading menu. We will reinforce reading routines and positive reading behaviours in the classroom. The comprehension focus for the term will be 'Text structure and features," we will look at a variety of different genres including both fiction and non fiction text and their features such as contents pages, subheading and illustrations, discussing why they are structured this. 


*** Reading satchels should be coming home daily - please remember to record reading completed at home in the student reading diary. Students are given time to change books as part of the reading program to select texts appropriate to their reading level. ***



SMART Spelling Program


Students and teachers will continue the new spelling approach using the SMART acronym- S-SAY, M-MEANING, A-ANALYSE, R-REMEMBER, T-TEACH. Please ask the students what this means and read the newsletter to stay up to date with this exciting new approach. 

Please note students are encouraged to keep their home Spelling books in their reading satchels and practise their words on a nightly basis. Spelling tests will be conducted every Friday and new words are selected on Mondays.


Our focus in will be on consolidating our understanding of place value recognising, saying, ordering and writing number to 100 (Year 1's) and to 1000 (Year 2's). We will focus reinforce addition counting strategies taught in term 1 including counting on, doubles, near doubles, turn arounds. We will continue developing skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's starting from zero. We will investigate time, money and using data to create graphs during applied maths sessions.

Please note students have been given login details for Mathletics. We encourage students to login in, explore and practise using this platform. Please use the link below to access their site.




Our Inquiry topic will focus on forces including push and pull. 

Forces are at work in everything we do—we push to open doors, and pull to tie ropes. Gravity pulls on things to make them fall down or to keep them down. Scientists and engineers study forces to design better bridges and faster aeroplanes.
The Push-pull unit is provides the opportunity for students to explore pushes and pulls. Through investigations, students observe and gather evidence about how these forces act in air and water, and on the ground.
Students identify the effect of the pull of gravity and learn that both air and water can ‘push’.

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