Year 1/2 Unit

Year 1/2 Team Members 


Iain Sparrey

Marilyn Killender


Linda Andrea / Casey McGuffie 


Important Dates to Remember:

13/2 – Meet the Teacher (3:45 – 8:00pm)

22/2 – Meet the Teacher (3:45 – 6:00pm)

12/3 – Labour Day Public Holiday

16/3-   School photos

26/3 – Whole School Cross Country

29/3 – Last Day of  Term 1 


Our focus for reading this term will be to introduce our CAFE reading menu and establishing reading routines and positive reading behaviours in the classroom. The comprehension focus for the term will be 'Check for understanding," to ensure we understand the meaning of what we have read using the focus question of 'Who was in the story?" and "What were they doing?"

*** Reading satchels should be coming home daily - students are given time to change books as part of the reading program and reminded to do put this in their bag ***



SMART Spelling Program


Students and teachers are starting the new spelling approach using the SMART acronym- S-SAY, M-MEANING, A-ANALYSE, R-REMEMBER, T-TEACH. Please ask the students what this means and read the newsletter to stay up to date with this exciting new approach. 


Our major focus in will be on place value recognising, saying, ordering and writing number to 100 (Year 1's) and to 1000 (Year 2's). We will focus on counting strategies to enable us to skip count by 2's, 5's and 10's starting from zero. We will investigate the capacity of a variety of objects. 


Students will focus this term on the design process during Inquiry sessions. We will be using the book 'The Gingerbread Man' to  problem solving and creating a raft to carry him across a river safely. We will follow the process of:

- Ask questions about your design or task.

- Imagine what the end result might look like.

- Plan out the process and the steps you will take.

- Create your design or task using your plan

 - Improve the design to make it better. 


Students have been taking part in regular brain breaks which are designed to increase on task learning. As part of our morning routine we have been completing meeting circles where students are learning to increase their social capabilities.