Year 1/2 Unit


Term 3

During term 3 students have been busy learning about prediction and prior knowledge and using this comprehension strategy to help understand the text. They wrote explanation texts and published and illustrated their own narrative story for the Escape to Everywhere Night during Book Week. Students enjoyed dressing up as their favourite character in Book Week and wearing crazy hair for Crazy Hair Day to raise awareness and money for Alopecia.
The highlight of the term for most students was the excursion to the Lego Education Centre and the Dockland Library during our study of simple machines. Students participated in activities where they invented machines for various uses, including, traveling to space, a play ground, a vehicle which used a wheel and axle. They also had to follow instructions to collaboratively build a simple machine such as a fan, beater and car. During Maths students have learnt about arrays, multiplication, division, fractions and time.



Term 4

Students are looking forward to participating in the swimming program every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 weeks from the 17th of October.

During our topic Water Works, students will explore and discover where water comes from, what it is use for and how important this resource is. Students will participate in an incursion with Western Water mid term and will enjoy exploring waterways in Romsey on our community walk.

The reading topic during this term is summarising, students will learn to identify the main parts of a text and summarise what they have read. During writing students will write persuasive writing pieces to convince other people. 

During Mathematics we are focusing on number patterns. 

Monday 9th October 2017

All Prep/1/2 student participated in the Milo Cricket Clinic. Students enjoyed the games and activities during the session.