Performing Arts

Welcome to Term 3 Performing Arts!



Students in Prep-2 will continue to develop their understandings of the elements of music. They will sing and create arrangements for simple songs using voice and classroom instruments. Students will participate in games and tasks that enable them to learn to read notes and rhythms on the treble staff. 

Students in 3-6 will be learning about the history of drums in contemporary music. They will learn key drumming rudiments and put them into practice when playing class arrangements. Students will listen to recordings of their arrangements, providing and responding to feedback in order to improve their performances.





The School Choir rehearses each Monday straight after lunch.



The School Band rehearses on Mondays at 2.20. Students who already learn a musical instrument either privately or at school are invited to join. Our aim is to improve our skills whilst playing together, working to achieve common goals. You will see us perform at assembly throughout the year!



The ukulele group rehearses on Wednesdays at lunchtime.



The Drum Corps rehearses every Tuesday at lunchtime. As we have only a limited number of drums, there is a waiting list for students who wish to participate.