Performing Arts

Welcome to Term 2 Performing Arts!


Students will take part in Drama sessions this term, where they will be encouraged to use their imagination and participate in an exploration of their worlds, both individually and collaboratively. When participating in short, one-act plays or puppet plays, they actively use body, gesture, movement, voice and language to take on roles that enable them to explore and depict real and imagined scenarios. Students improve their ability to think, move, speak and act with confidence. In making and staging drama, they learn how to be focussed, innovative and resourceful members of a team. When playing a role, students explore, imagine and take risks to communicate ideas, experiences and the key messages in the story. They also reflect on their performances and discuss how the play communicates meaning, by comparing drama from different social, cultural and historical contexts.


The aim of the Drama program is to develop:

  • confidence and self-esteem to explore, depict and celebrate human experience, take risks and challenge their own creativity through drama
  • knowledge and understanding in controlling, applying and analysing the elements, skills, processes, forms, styles and techniques of drama to engage audiences and create meaning
  • sense of curiosity, aesthetic knowledge, enjoyment and achievement through exploring and playing roles, and imagining situations, actions and ideas as drama makers and audiences
  • knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary drama as critical and active participants and audiences.





The School Choir rehearses each Monday straight after lunch.



The School Band rehearses on Mondays at 2.20. Students who already learn a musical instrument either privately or at school are invited to join. Our aim is to improve our skills whilst playing together, working to achieve common goals. You will see us perform at assembly throughout the year!



The ukulele group rehearses on Wednesdays at lunchtime.



The Drum Corps rehearses every Tuesday at lunchtime. As we have only a limited number of drums, there is a waiting list for students who wish to participate.