Performing Arts

Welcome to Term 1 Performing Arts!


Students in P-2 will participate in a range of songs, melodies, dances and games to explore and develop their music knowledge and skills. This will include the use of arrangements that encourage students to:

- Sing whilst learning the matching hand signs (solfa) for the notes they sing,

- Play untuned percussion instruments to strengthen their sense of beat,

- Begin to understand the ways we read and write rhythmic notation,

- Play accompanying parts on instruments such as xylophone and marimba,

- Develop a sense of their own musical preferences.


Students in 3-6 will create a range of compositions throughout the term, using different compositional styles that will enable them to:

- Gain an understanding of texture in music,

- Use tone colour to change the mood and effectiveness of their works,

- Develop their knowledge of rhythm and rhythmic notation,

- Begin to understand how tonality can change the mood of the music,

- Use feedback to improve their compositions.


The School Choir rehearses each Monday straight after lunch. We are currently preparing for our participation in the 2018 ANZAC Day service.


The School Band rehearses on Mondays at 2.20. Students who already learn a musical instrument either privately or at school are invited to join. Our aim is to improve our skills whilst playing together, working to achieve common goals. You will see us perform at assembly throughout the year!

There will soon be an update regarding Instrumental Music, as well as the RPS Drum Corps, so stay tuned!!