Year 4/5/6 Unit

Welcome to the 4/5/6 unit

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The 4/5/6 unit teachers are:


4/5 BT (Brain Tannenberg)

5/6 SW (Simone Wood)

5/6LD (Liam Devlin)

5/6 DM (Danica Murphy)

We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive, and stimulating environment where we all 'dare to be excellent'





16th April- First Day of Term 2


24th April- School Photos

25th April- Anzac Day

26th April- District Cross Country 





Morning Circle – (Circle Time)

 This is an opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teachers in a positive way – Positive Feelings, students feel connected and enables focus.

Closing Circle- (Circle Time)

This is an opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teachers in a positive way – Positive Feelings, students feel connected and enables focus.

Brain breaks Student activities to ready the brain for learning.

Critical flexible lesson breaks to help students re-engage in learning and reduce off-task behaviour.

School Values

This term we are looking at our whole school approach to our school values of; Respect, Responsibility and Integrity. Students will be encouraged to participate in a range of activities that will teach them what these values look like and sound like when they are at school and within the wider community.


You Can Do It
This term we are continuing our whole school approach to the You Can Do It program, with a focus on the 5 “You Can Do It” Key’s. Organisation, Persistence, Resilience, Confidence, and Getting Along. Students will be encouraged to try their hardest to do their best and not give up when something feels like it's too difficult or boring. Examples of persistent behaviour are continuing to try even when school work is hard, not being distracted by others and checking work when it's finished to make sure it's correct.


4/5/6 Sport


All year 4/5/6 students are participating in winter sports and games as a rotation each Wednesday and Friday. Students have the opportunity to try out for Netball, Football, and Teeball. There will also be opportunities for soccer and basketball. Students will be required to be prepared with the appropriate footwear and bring a water bottle.


Reading– Our whole school comprehension strategy focus is ‘Text Structures and Features’. This is an important strategy for reading comprehension. Text structures and features helps the reader make sense of what they are reading and are the building blocks to understand the texts they are reading. Text structures and features helps the reader comprehend the text which allows them to understand what they are reading. 

Writing- As well as focusing on handwriting, punctuation, grammar skills and smart spelling, students are also expanding their Autobiography, Biography and Recount writing skills. Students will be learning how to edit symbols. They will also have a focus on using apostrophe, possession, contractions and homophones. Students will be required to check spelling, capitalisation, punctuation and grammar.

**Students are required to write in their diaries their daily reading under each date and teacher will be checking this each Monday. This is a way for teachers, parents and students to regularly communicate.**


SMART Spelling Program

Students and teachers are starting the new spelling approach using the SMART acronym- S-SAY, M-MEANING, A-ANALYSE, R-REMEMBER, T-TEACH. 

Students are required to complete homework 4 times each week and submit it to teachers on a Friday. Students are required to complete a spelling test, LSCWC and an activity from the list pasted in the front of their home study word book. If the homework task is not completed three times in a row parents will be called. 


Major focus areas in mathematics for term two include:

Number: Subtraction, Multiplication and Division 

Measurement: Length, area, perimeter, shape

Statistics and Probability: Chance.


Parents are encouraged to discuss mathematical concepts which occur during everyday life with their children. Students are encouraged to complete mathletics tasks set for them at home.




This unit integrates all aspects of student learning for example Literacy, Numeracy, Personal and Social Capabilities, Critical thinking, ICT. This terms topic is an Elapse time Commonwealth Games Project and learning about Sustainability and understanding the ecosystems and how human activity affects them.