Prep Unit

It is in the big tin.

Welcome To The Prep Unit

Miss Moore & Miss Hipwell 


We pride ourselves on our strong partnership between parents, students and the wider community. 



 The Prep Term 1 Class Newsletter provides parents/carers with information to help them and their settle into school life.


This year we have begun the SMART Foundation Spelling Program

Our sentence of the week is:

This tap is on and that tap is off.

This week our shared experience will be going on a tap walk, finding and counting the taps around the school. We will record these using tally marks. 





Term 2 excursion:

At the beginning of May, The Preps will be going to the Lego Education Centre for an excursion.

During this session at the Lego Centre, we will learn about mechanical toys, which matches our inquiry topic for the term and the curriculum. 

Details are still being finalised, however an approximate cost for the excursion is $30.