Prep Unit

It is in the big tin.

Welcome To The Prep Unit

Miss Moore & Miss Hipwell

Important Dates for Term 2:

Book Fair: Tuesday, 1st May to 7th May, 2018.

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday: Monday, 11th of June, 2018.

Student led conferences: Thursday, 28th June, 2018.
End of Term 2: Friday, 29th June, 2018, 2:30pm dismissal.  

We pride ourselves on our strong partnership between parents, students and the wider community. 


We had a wonderful Term 1 in Prep. Our Preps did an amazing job settling into school and all of the school routines. We had a fun time learning about ourselves and our families, and it was excellent to see such an amazing turn out to our end of term celebration, Our Family Open Day. 



SMART Spelling:

Our SMART Spelling program has lead to many exciting activities and discoveries for our Preps. Each week, our students are eager to learn the new word and sentence, and are now making meaningful connections between letters, sounds and words. 


Our sentence of the week is:

He will just have jam.

This week our shared experiences will be designing your own sandwich, watching documentaries about how jam is made and creating a song about jam. 



Developing reading behaviours is a focus in term 2, such as reading independently, choosing Just Right books, building reading stamina etc. Specific goals and strategies from the CAFE Reading program will also be a focus. Developing letter and sound knowledge is an ongoing focus, as is practising handwriting and writing letters and numerals correctly. Students are also exploring different text types and making connections when reading, writing and spelling. 



 Exploring numbers, including making 10, counting, working out how to make different numbers such as 2 and 3 = 5, 4 and 1 = 5, 0 and 5 = 5, graphs, patterns, the calendar and recording data, among other strands of Maths, are a focus during term 2. 


What you can do at home:

Encourage your child to read, write and practise their spelling words regularly at home. Encourage them to practise their mathematical skills in everyday situations as well, such as counting and sharing, making small purchases from the shop, working out how many of something will be needed for dinner, measuring when cooking, using a family calendar/ timetable etc. 


Term 2 Family Open Day

This year the prep unit will be having Family Open Days each term, instead of Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrations. This allows us to invite many of our special visitors (family members, aunties, uncles and family friends) to come and see what we have been learning.

This term families and friends will be invited to an open day during week 10 (exact date to be decided) to view and play with the student's toys, which they have designed and created.