Prep Unit

Welcome To The Prep Unit 

Thank You for taking the time to visit our new Prep Unit Page.

The prep unit is a collaboration of 2 prep classes: Prep FH (Fiona Holland) and Prep TC (Tara Clancy).

In total, there are 33 prep students. 

We pride ourselves on our strong partnership between parents, students and the wider community. 




Celebrations From Term 2: 

What an exciting First Semester we have had!


To say that we are PROUD of the Preps and their accomplishments is an understatement.

From learning their alphabet, establishing new friendships, developing positive learning behaviours, having the confidence to speak in front of their peers, participating in sporting events and even performing the SID SHUFFLE in front of the whole school community.


We look forward to building on our GETTING ALONG value in Term 3 which is a part of the You Can Do It Program alongside with The Zones of Regulation.


A huge SHOUT OUT to all the parents, grandparents and careers for their unconditional support and participation within the Prep Unit in our First Semester. We look forward to having you in our classrooms next semester.  




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What To Expect In Term 3: 



Dates To Remember:

100 Days Of Prep - Monday 24th July 

Crazy Hair Day (Alopecia Awareness) - Friday 4th August

Book Week (Escape To Everywhere) - Monday 21st August to Friday 25th August

Book Week Parade - Wednesday 23rd August

Father's Day Breakfast - Friday 1st September 

Prep Excursion To Melbourne Zoo - Wednesday 13th September

Kinder Transition Days: TBA 





Book Week Classroom Themes: